Friday, 26 April 2013

New Writing South Publishing Industry Day

New Writing South recently hosted its extremely popular annual publishing industry day at the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

The event was kicked off by a panel debate discussing 'The End of Traditional Print'. 

Creative Reach co-director Clare Christian was on the panel along with Michael Bhaskar from Profile Books, 
Diana Horner from eBook Partnership and the debate was chaired by playwright, therapist and author Andrew G Marshall.

The starting point of the discussion was that the publishing industry has been shaken up by the advances in digital publishing in recent years. The explosion of ebooks, apps, social media and self‐publishing has given writers new ways to find a market and reach wider audiences for their work, however digital developments have also made it harder for writers to stand out from the crowd. This panel discussion explores the alternatives to traditional print publishing and asks questions such as: What are the ways in which digital technology can help find read readers and develop your career? How do you choose the best media for your work? And what are the creative opportunities for writers?

It was a fascinating and well-supported debate that concluded that while print publishing might be changing it is a process of evolution rather than extinction.

L-R Clare Christian, Diana Horner, Andrew Marshall, Michael Bhaskar

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